Programme 2018

Here’s what we have lined up for a great three days in May:

Morning Afternoon Evening
Wednesday 2nd Welcome dinner at o’Oliviero
Thursday 3rd Working sessions Guided tour of historic Edinburgh,  Old and New Towns (price included in conference fee) Dinner at Cafe Andaluz (£22-25 – see their  Menu del Dia)
  Scotch Whisky Experience Whisky Tour (£15.50)
Friday 4th Working sessions Boat tour – Inchcolm Island and The Bridges (£21) Scotch Whisky Experience Tutored Tasting (£32.50)
  Unconference Dinner at the Scotch Whisky Experience (£38)
Saturday 5th Working sessions Free time in Edinburgh (8:30pm) Farewell dinner at Howies Waterloo (£29 – see their group menu)

These are the options for the whisky tour and tasting:

  1. If you like whisky and you want to learn something about it, book the tasting on Friday evening in the logistics workbook. The tour price is included in the £32.50, so you can then go on to step 2.
  2. Book the tour (with or without the tasting) in the logistics workbook, either before dinner on Thursday or on Saturday afternoon.