There is a lot of tourist accommodation in Edinburgh, and JAlba 2020 is not in the high season, so it should be relatively easy to find somewhere. But in the spirit of the unconference, where the discussions never end, we’ve got a block conference allocation from the Edinburgh Convention Bureau in a new hotel a few minutes’ walk from the Quaker Meeting House, at a good price.

The hotel is the Edinburgh Wilde Aparthotel, and the price that we have for it is £115/night, including breakfast*. Staying there will mean that you can talk with other JAlbans over a late-night drink (or even over breakfast, you’re a morning person).

Here’s a quick guide through the booking website:

    • go to the Convention Bureau’s JAlba page,
    • click on the “Accommodation” tab
    • click on the link at the bottom of the text
    • choose your dates with reference to the unconference programme and your own plans. (Don’t worry if you are waitlisted for the Glencoe trip: that will be finalised in plenty of time to adjust your accommodation booking in Edinburgh).
    • click on the “Search” button
    • click on the appropriate “Book Room” button* and fill in your credit card details. These are required against a late cancellation: you can cancel up to 10am on the day before your booking starts, though please try to avoid cancelling after March 25th, as we will lose a room from the block allocation.
    • click the “Next” button, fill in your personal details, and click “Next” once more for confirmation.

*£125 for double occupancy, and £175 for a family room (1 –4 people, breakfast not included).