JAlba this year coincides with the Edinburgh Marathon, and the accommodation situation reflects the resulting high demand. So don’t have a conference discount this year; instead we’re suggesting different possibilities to avoid the very high prices that most tourist hotels are charging at the time. The good news is that Options 1 and 2 are actually cheaper than the Apex was last year!

Option 1: Some new Edinburgh hotels are following the trend of trading room size for lobby space. They are offering compact (a marketing euphemism!) rooms at reasonable prices within short walking distance of the Quaker Meeting House (our conference venue). We think small rooms shouldn’t be a problem, given that JAlba occupies pretty much all your waking day. The three nearest such hotels, all designated “Hub by Premier Inn”, are shown on the map below. The prices on 21st February for one adult from 22nd to 26th May (four nights) was, for each:

  • Rose Street (green on map, 10 mins walk) – £378
  • Royal Mile (brown on map, 10 mins walk) – £366
  • Haymarket (purple on map, 20 mins walk) – £317

You can check the current prices for the JAlba dates on this page.

Option 2: The same page also contains links to Premier Inn hotels with normal-sized rooms for the conference dates. If that is what you prefer, consider one that is a little cheaper than the option 1 hotels (£309 on 21/2, for the same four nights): Premier Inn, Edinburgh Park which, although a few miles away, is only 20 minutes out on Edinburgh’s excellent tram line.

Option 3: If you want to cast your net wider:

  • The VisitScotland website centralises a lot of information about hotels and B&Bs. Their map view of Edinburgh has a grid view – button at the top right – that allows you to sort by price
  • Airbnb and its various competitors aren’t listed on the VisitScotland website
  • VisitScotland also doesn’t list hotel chains like Premier Inn or Ibis. For example, three comfortable hotels near to the Quaker Meeting House, with rooms on our dates, are the Hilton on Bread Street, the Ibis on South Bridge, and the Novotel on Lauriston Place. But they are expensive! (£800, £600, and  £640 respectively for the four nights)
  •, (best hotel booking site), and their competitors are still showing some availability.