Flash sale: to encourage you to help us plan our numbers, we are holding a flash sale, up to 4th March, with 10% off the price of tickets (people who have already bought tickets will be refunded the extra cost).

JAlba 2023 is open for registration! This will be the fourth edition; you can see comments and pictures from previous years under “Previous” in the top menu. The programme this year will be similar to previous years: each morning, we’ll talk about Java and its ecosystem—and all the various other things that interest us—and each afternoon and evening we’ll carry on talking, on outings and over dinner.

The registration link is at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions, get in touch:

Finally, please don’t forget to book your accommodation now! the population of Edinburgh doubles in the summer, and although early May isn’t the height of the season, you’re better to be safe than sorry. Prices are very high in the tourist season. Update: we’ve got a great deal, nearly 50% off, on some very nice serviced apartments 20 minutes walk from the venue. But this deal too may only be available until the weekend.

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