JAlba is a nonprofit event. We don’t make any money from it, so the registration fee is only to cover the cost of the venue, the lunches, the felt-tip pens and the sticky notes. In 2020, registration cost plus an optional carbon offset is £150 (early registration earns a discount of about 10%).

However, you will have to pay for yourself—travel to Edinburgh (obviously), and accommodation there. From then on, we organise the afternoon outings and evening meals, and you make one payment to us for all of that. It was £170 for everything in 2019.

If you need to charge your employer an all-in conference fee, we’ll create an all-in ticket that includes registration, outings and evening meals.

A second optional donation that we’re offering this year for the first time is a scholarship contribution. In 2019, one JAlba participant had to cancel at the last minute, but generously donated her entry, her accommodation, and part of her travel costs in order to allow someone to come who wouldn’t otherwise have been able to, especially if they were from a background under-represented in tech. The success of this excellent idea inspired us to suggest to everyone that they consider contributing to a scholarship scheme. Please give what you can! (Note: we’ll refund any part of scholarship donations that aren’t used for any reason.)