Fàilte gu Alba

JAlba 2019 was great, but it’s  over.  Now we’re looking forward to JAlba 2020 − date to be announced soon.

After more than 20 years, Java is still at the head of programming languages. For even longer, Scotland (called in Gaelic “Alba”) has been at the head of the world’s nations. What could make more sense than to put the two together, with a Java unconference in Edinburgh, the Athens of the North? Fifty super-interesting Java people met here for three days in May 2018 to talk about–well, about everything that interested them. And to enjoy Edinburgh—the UK’s best place to visit—with world-class architecture, superb scenery, Scotland’s history concentrated into a few hundred metres, and of course the world’s best whisky!

JAlba 2018 was a great experience, according to the participants: things they said about it included

  • “Excellent setup, high quality participants, very good atmosphere”
  • “People’s openness and willingness to share knowledge. Organization was great also”
  • “great sessions, interesting afternoon program, good food”
  • “knowledgable people, great location, whisky”
  • “building relationships with fellow passionate developers”
  • “the never ending conversations. The whole trip was just overflowing with ideas and stories”
Our venue, seen a few years back

A few pictures show what a good time we had (thanks, Lars Eckart, Thomas Vogler, and @melissamjmckay), with more on our Twitter account: @JAlbaUnconf.