Fàilte gu Alba (cha mhòr)

After more than 20 years, Java is still at the head of programming languages. For even longer, Scotland (called in Gaelic “Alba”) has been at the head of the world’s nations. What could make more sense than to put the two together, with a Java unconference in Edinburgh, the Athens of the North?

Well, nothing could make more sense! Except, perhaps, keeping safe in a pandemic. So it didn’t happen in 2020, nor this year either.

But it takes more than a virus to keep JAlbans down, so JAlba 2020 went ahead anyway—in cyberspace. And for our second virtual event in the pandemic, in July this year we showed just what Scotland feels for the spirit of Brexit, and revived instead the spirit of the Auld Alliance, by partnering with JChateau, an initiative of the Paris JUG, to create  JAuldAlliance.

Our virtual unconferences copy many of the features of the real thing: an ideas marketplace, breakout rooms, hallway conversations, and good single malt whisky (BYOB, unfortunately). We still miss the boat ride and the fancy dinners but, under the circumstances, it goes very well. The second JAuld this year is happening real soon now: 24th to the 26th of November.

Here’s the programme (times are in GMT):

November 2021     1600–1700
Wednesday 24th     Meet the tech, and the people! Float some ideas!
  1400-1430 1435-1525 1535-1625 1625-1700
Thursday 25th Marketplace Session 1 Session 2 Washup, wine/whisky
Friday 26th Marketplace Session 1 Session 2 Washup, whisky/wine