Bookings for the Glencoe trip are currently waitlisted. Please note your preferences on the booking form, and we’ll be in touch

For a complete contrast with Edinburgh, we’re planning a day’s walking at the end of the unconference in the valley of Glencoe, home to some of Scotland’s most dramatic and beautiful scenery—and the scene of the infamous Massacre of Glencoe, an event still fresh in local memories.

The plan is to make the entire trip on Sunday 26th June, leaving in.a minibus at about 8am for the 2½-hour drive to Glencoe, walking there for the day—stopping for dinner, if we can—and driving back that evening. If you want to join that trip, at this point you only have to organise your flights and your accommodation in Edinburgh to leave on Monday or later. (And to answer the question about the trip on the booking checkout form.)

Scottish Hillwalking

If you’re an experienced hill-walker, ignore the rest of this page. Otherwise, you should know that although the Scottish hills aren’t high, they need to be treated with respect. The weather in June is likely to be good, but you definitely can’t take that for granted.

  • The walk that we’ll lead won’t be very strenuous (you’re very welcome to find a strenuous one of your own if you want!), but you need to be reasonably fit: we’re going to walk several miles over rough country, and climb about 1500 feet (500m);
  • You should be prepared to manage for a couple of hours in bad weather. At a minimum, you must wear sturdy walking boots and a waterproof jacket. If you want to be better prepared than that, take a look at the summer hill-walking list on this page (don’t be too intimidated by it, though — you won’t need everything there!)