Why are we asking you to register for Virtual JAlba? Because — though we can’t hope to fully recreate the experience of a physical unconference — we believe this can still be a genuine community event, with a lot of the same atmosphere and connectedness.

So we want participants, not spectators, and because of this there are limited places. So please only register if you think you really can find seven hours during the three days of July 28th – 30th, and you want to get involved in open-ended discussion on the many different technical and non-technical topics that interest Java developers. (For an idea of what might happen, here are the topics, with some notes, from 2019.)

Of course, if the experience really doesn’t work for you, you’ll have to apply the Law of Two Feet (aka the Law of Mobility). But we hope you’ll stay, for the sessions, the hallway chat, and of course the drinks at the end! Slàinte mhath—and santé!

One other thing: the setup for the unconference uses three windows: a browser window, a Zoom window (for the main room when there’s a meeting, or for the breakout rooms when sessions are happening), and a Slack window. So you need a fairly large screen, say 1920px wide, or a second monitor.

After all that: to register, send e-mail to